I can remember being a little girl, helping my mom with displays at church. Here I was only in grade school and she would ask my opinion. By involving me in her creative ideas, she helped to cultivate a passion for design and helping others achieve more in their work.

In between high school and the present I studied everything and anything, trying to find my place in society. I found that I enjoyed learning about people and what makes them tick. I studied and got my undergraduate degree in Behavioral Neuroscience and then went on to work for Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. 

After a few years working in research, I gave up my position to go after my passion, photography. While developing my skills, I took several jobs in small business hoping to learn all I could about customer service and keeping a business running smoothly. 

During that time I grew more passionate about being an entrepreneur and creating an online presence that best displayed my photography work. I was drawn to how it allowed me to use all of the skills that I had developed over the years. What eventually sparked, was a desire to help other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. I love it when people light up about what they are passionate about.

Do you have a passion you want others to invest in? Needing an online presence that is cohesive, 100% a reflection of you, and easy to use? With my experience and your passion, we can make a website that will make it easier for you to focus on making and doing, instead of sweating over all the small stuff.



A little more about me...

  • I live in the Catskills of Upstate New York with my husband, Chris.
  • Currently we are working on our new home which will be the central hub for both my business and providing others with a safe place to experience Christ's love.
  • I also have a lifestyle blog ministry called Est. in Grace.
  • To relax, I enjoy working out in the yard, reading autobiographies, cleaning (weird I know) & running.
  • When I can, I travel out to CO to see my one brother's family or MA where both of our parents live. 
  • I do my best to be active & healthy but sometimes life gets ahead of me & I have to learn to slow down.