I am a photographer for both the entrepreneur & family. I am pretty passionate about capturing a big part of your life at it's best, yet keeping it authentic. 


about krystal irrgang hudson valley family business photographer

For the past 12 years, I've been on this visual journey.

Photography caught me later in life, as a freshman in college, when I had the opportunity to learn film. I loved spending hours in the dark room waiting for my amateur images to appear on paper. This was a young love that grew into a passion for life. Finding beauty and intentionality in everything that would seem ordinary, is where my inspiration and creativity develops. I am the down to earth kind of gal, who loves capturing real life stuff. In what seems ordinary there is such beauty that needs to shine and cannot be forgotten.  My own website has a "back door" approach, in that your first view is either from the studio or at home in real time. Behind every business is a home, family, and passion. Behind every family is the ability to sustain it. Creativity is at the heart of everything we do and that is what I want to emulate here and for you!

My own heart stirs when I see others passionate about what they do. You may be a wife and/or mother who has brought her business dream to life through blood, sweat and tears. You are balancing it all and are not wanting to miss a beat. You want to showcase your passions, but also stop time and capture your family. It's where it matters most. Like words on paper that express how we feel,. images tell more than just a sales pitch. They communicate where love goes, how it spreads to the inner cracks of life and explodes where you least expect it. Family. Business. It's all where our hearts burn. It's where we cannot help but be.

That is why I want to offer you an opportunity to meet with me. To share with me your story, so that I might capture what is only natural, beautiful, and good. Your family, life, career, and passions.

about krystal irrgang hudson valley family business photographer

A little more about me...

  • I live in the Greater Hudson Valley of Upstate New York with my husband, Chris.
  • We bought a fixer upper set in the woods by a rushing creek that we are slowly working on.
  • To relax, I enjoy working out in the yard, reading autobiographies, cleaning (weird I know) & running.
  • Every so often I get the chance to travel, which I LOVE.
  • I do my best to be active & healthy. You might see a post or two about it all.

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