My Life, Donkey Faces


No matter how good a person is at something, it seems necessary for them to give of themselves every so often. Just a few facts and a pretty face doesn't always make people feel like they know you. I have not been awesome at portraying myself much. It is probably because most of the time I think that the casual conversation I could make would be weird. I like deep philosophical topics and am really not that light and witty, sorry folks. Oh, and it is probably because I take weird photos. If someone wants to get the best side of me, it would be best to catch me unawares. I end up making donkey faces and placing my arms in weird contortions.

But it would not be fair for me not to live dangerously and be weird for just a bit. Here are some odds and ends about me:

  • My day to day life really isn't all that interesting. Maybe if I experimented in the kitchen more, there would be a different story. I play it safe WAY too often, hence not a very interesting day to day.
  • But my overall life is pretty interesting I think. I thought I was going to settle my roots down in Massachusetts, but then God had other ideas. I am now transplanted to the suburbs of Philly with my husband, Chris, and cat, Mix. It has been fun getting used to train whistles and sirens.
  • I LOVE to write. Sadly, I find it hard to write on this blog. BUT I do write in a separate blog,, about spiritual insights and daily highs/lows of being a Christian woman. In highschool and college I used to write poetry while listening to tunes. Most of which will make sense to no one else but me.
  • I have a brother. Actually, now I have 6 brothers and sisters, but I am just talking about my one biological brother. When we were kids we would dream up villages and make forts. We didn't fight much, but he certainly was a tease. We played legos on snow days and cars in the mud on summer days. He was the only one I could really talk to about family stuff or friend stuff. I call him Bobby, but he goes by Robert to some.
  • I haven't mentioned my husband yet because he is always a part of my life. This does not need to stay this way though, we need to recognize the people that are in our day to day lives. Chris is the wittiest guy I know. His laugh makes me laugh for no reason. Typical good traits right? I may be a neat freak, but when we eat together I look like a slob. Food is something we enjoy together, but would you be surprised if we told you we only eat 2 meals a day now(for the most part)? Oh, and I had this requirement before getting married that my husband needed to play the guitar. GOT. MY. WISH. BAM. I now live with like 4 or 5 guitars. We get along swell.
  • Singing is something I love to do for worship but was starting to feel like I wasn't doing it enough. In high school I sang in choir, but now 10 or so years later I have begun to loose my abilities. I have recently started to help out with the praise team in our new church and also some other ministries. Pretty excited.

Ok, so that is it for now. Happy Wednesday!