Are your services available on weekends?

I am available Saturdays, after sunset, and Sundays for all other engagements. As part of my beliefs, as a Seventh-day Adventist, I do not take paid engagements from sundown Friday night through till sundown Saturday each week.  The only work that I do during these hours is for ministry purposes. 

Are you a Graphic Designer?

All logos and graphics needed for your website (other than photographs) are currently outsourced, but are included in your custom package.

Are all the photographs, on your clients' websites, yours?

My goal is to use my work as much as I can in the design of your website. I take the time to spend a day or so, depending on the extent of the website, to capture your vision, as well as learn more about the ins and outs of your business or non-profit. In the case that I need to outsource a photograph (which is rare), I give credit where credit is due.

Do you offer web design packages without photography?

In order to provide you with a unique design that both gives an appeal to your site and best represents your brand, I do not offer alternative packages without photography. 

How will I receive my photographs after a project or session is complete?

For extensive projects, that require a good amount of photographs, I will provide you with a USB thumb drive with all edited photographs. For smaller photography sessions, photographs will be provided through Google Drive where you can easily access all edited images right away.