Youth challenge

After 9 years of not having a website update, I jumped at the chance to give this ministry a fresh look that was easy to navigate and provided young adults with easy access to forms, photos, and contact information. I spent 12 hours traveling with each canvassing team to document what it really is to be a part of Youth Challenge. 

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kayla careese

This new young singer/songwriter needed not only photographs for her first album release, she also wanted a website where she could share updates and offer merchandise in a store. I flew out to Las Vegas to meet her and we spent 2 days trying out different locations so that I could offer her with not only album and website media, she could use the images for social media in the future. I also offered Kayla support for the easy to navigate backend of Squarespace so that she could take it from where I left off.

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reach philadelphia

Before moving to NY, Chris and I attended this young adult church plant in Philadelphia. As their secretary I found it important that they have a website that was easy to navigate, gave a good description of who they are, and was mobile friendly. When I first came to the area I tried to find other churches in the area but it was hard to know what they were like online. This is what gave me the inspiration to make a difference for churches wanting to reach out to this younger generation.

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My husband and his good friend needed a landing page for their new venture in providing services for Seventh-day Adventist artists looking to create good quality art. I aimed to stay true to their style and keep it simple. I also partnered with them to help create Kayla Careese's album through photography and web design. 

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* The site is currently down, as the project is being put on hold for the time being.

reach center for urban evangelism

I enjoyed working on this website because I got to really know more about the school in Philadelphia by sitting down with the director, talking about all that she wanted young adults to gain from visiting their site. They originally had a really basic design and so I dressed it up a bit using colors from their logo, capturing these classes, and making everything uniform and easy to navigate. 

The school has since moved into the Washington D.C. area and functions through Washington Adventist University. It is also in the process of changing it's name from REACH Columbia Union to REACH Center for Urban Evangelism.

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