5 Steps Towards Feeling Blessed

Feeling a little down and out? Not sure how God has been blessing you lately and it just seems like everything is going wrong? I am here to tell you that there is a way to get out and see that awesome light of blessed goodness. I too have struggled with thinking everything was wrong. I have spent different portions of my life in deep depression as well. Whether you are feeling that deep hopelessness or just had a simple bad day and will pick up tomorrow, here are a few pointers to get you back on track. And hopefully, keep it that way.

five steps towards feeling blessed

Step 1 - Do you worry about bad things happening?

I noticed that I always started thinking negatively when I was afraid that something bad was going to happen. Realizing that I don't know the future and that I need to rely on God for that part of my life, made it easier to let go of fretting and take in the blessings of the day.

Step 2 - Give till it feels almost uncomfortable.

When I take the time to give of myself to someone else, it helps me to forget my worries and woes and consider that someone else might be worse off. Helping them is fulfilling and can also make you realize that our problems aren't so big and that we aren't alone.

Step 3 - DO something to make yourself think of the simple pleasures and beautiful things.

I guess I can't make you do something, but you can make yourself do it! Even when the negative thoughts are flying, make an effort to write down, photograph, or tell someone about something good that has happened to you or that you have seen. Even if it is something someone else experienced. This is my main way to stay positive. For me writing a list doesn't work, but for you, it might. I enjoy taking pictures. :)

Step 4 - Being blessed & experiencing struggle can be simultaneous.

Once I learned that hard times will come and that they can be conquerable, I knew that I could still experience happiness during hard times. I didn't have to take a nose dive every time I went through something hard. Being realistic about life can help with that. Being blessed doesn't mean there won't be a disappointment, failure, or difficulty.

Step 5 - We can't do it alone.

 Sometimes when it feels impossible to embrace the idea of feeling blessed, it really is, by human standards. Asking God to give us the eyes to see those blessings can be a real game changer. Sometimes we try so hard to follow all the rules and tips (like I am writing here) and nothing happens. It can be rather discouraging. When all else fails, or actually, it should be the first thing we do, ask God for guidance before you attempt to see those blessings in life. He will give you the eyes to see the way He has been providing for you and showing you His love, no matter what happens.

five steps towards feeling blessed

God is my source! He is what pulled me out of a lot of things and who has made me more consistent in my joy. I truly hope that you find the beauty in life if you haven't yet. If you have, isn't it so wonderful! God is certainly a wise and giving God.