Spring Cleaning Tips For The Home

I don't know about you, but I sure am anxious for warmer weather and budding trees! With that comes the urge to open up the windows, get some fresh air flowing through the stale winter air of the home, and get those chores DONE! Who's with me?!

Ok, ok. Maybe for some of you, this idea is a little too overwhelming and frankly it might not be your specialty in life. But when you've been cooped up for so long indoors, anyone can get the urge to do a little cleaning.  So, I thought it would be a good idea to share a few spring cleaning tips to help you feel more productive and not so overwhelmed.

Spring Cleaning Tips For The Home

Start Cleaning Before Spring Hits

Sometimes when the cabin fever really hits early I wait for a freakishly warm day in February to clean as many windows as I can. We have a lot of windows in the house, so to try and tackle them all at once while doing other spring cleaning chores, is a lot. I like to space it out. Pick any task that is pretty daunting and start to work on it early so that by the time you get to doing the things that are a little more "enjoyable," you can say you are almost done! 

Create a Cleaning Schedule/Calendar

This is something that I have been wanting to try and you can find all kinds of ideas on Pinterest for inspiration. It's easy to forget those cleaning chores that happen once or twice a year, so having a cleaning schedule or calendar can help remind you. I would like to use one to help me prioritize my heavy duty chores. Like cleaning windows, the washing machine, and the refrigerator. Fit the cleaning schedule or calendar to your needs and personality. There is no need in creating something you won't follow.

Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Stocked + Together

Knowing where your cleaning supplies are and always having them at hand is probably the one thing that will keep you from putting off those chores. I have a few cleaning supplies I use regularly stocked in advance, but mostly because I've found a good deal or was able to get free supplies at the pantry I volunteer for. A few months back, I finally got myself a basket to put everything in under the sink (you can store it somewhere out of reach of kids) and can easily pull it out and bring it around the house. I've even kept separate supplies in each bathroom before. You don't want to have to add buying cleaning supplies to your list of things to do, when you have the motivation. 

Ask Yourself, "What Are the Benefits?"

It's easy for me to answer this question because I enjoy cleaning. For some this isn't so true. It's totally ok! Here's what you should ask yourself before totally throwing the idea of it out the window, "what are the benefits of spring cleaning?" You know how it gets when you put stuff off for a long time. It becomes harder to get through the pile because things start to add up after a while. When we bought our home, the windows were caked in dirt and never looked washed. Not only is it kinda gross, but it's important to me to take care of the things that I do have so they last longer. Choose your reason and it will motivate you!

Spring Cleaning Tips For The Home

I am pretty excited to finally get outside and "spring clean" our yard. The leaf blower is my companion! What is one thing that you have to clean or do when spring is just around the corner? Have any tips that keep you motivated while spring cleaning? Share in the comments!

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